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2017 Results 

2017 Ocean State Open 6.0 Results

2017 Ocean State Open IJS Results



To the members of Warwick Figure Skaters,

On July 29 and 30, we hosted a competition with over 120 skaters from 15 area clubs and over 160 starts in 38 events.  It was our first time using an electronic scoring system for our IJS skaters and this means we also needed 23 judges and officials. 

We received a great deal of feedback regarding the competition and the judges especially reached out to tell us that they found the club to be warm and welcoming.  They enjoyed this competition and thought our parents and skaters should be proud to call Warwick Figure Skaters our home club.

Our skaters all skated with a great deal of enthusiasm and they conducted themselves with grace.  Some of our skaters may have been outside of their comfort zone and some tried new events but all had fun and were the embodiment of sportsmanship.

We cannot thank the volunteers enough. 

Coaches -We had coaches who spent a huge number of hours planning the competition!  We had coaches who never left the building for the entire competition!  We had coaches who donated food, time efforts and talents to making this competition a success and for that we are very thankful.

 Parents -We know figure skating requires that you already spend a significant amount of money and then we asked for you to spend your time helping with a competition.  The prospect of setting one up and help run one seems strange and difficult but this did not prevent us from coming together to make sure our skaters had an opportunity to compete doing something they love.  We had volunteers who brought family members to help,  who came to the competition after working overnight, we had families work the front desk for 8 hours straight and volunteers who brought their skaters and showed them the importance of donating their time and talents to help their figure skating club put together a great competition.

 Finally a big thank you to our synchro team families for the food donations to our hospitality table and for the volunteer hours spent making our competition a great success.

Next year the Smithfield Figure Skating Club will be hosting the competition so we hope you will support them in their endeavors.  In two year when it is our turn again we hope you will consider volunteering in the organizing and running of this competition.  It is never too early to start thinking about helping.

A final thank you to the members of this year's Local Organizing Committee - Julie Hayes, Kathy Armstrong, Karyn Romano, Kate Louth, Karen Hogan, Jack McGinn, Steph Terrizzi, Kim Hermanowski, and Lorrie Nicholas.

Good Luck at the Cranberry Open for those of you participating and enjoy the rest of your summer.  The fall schedule is just around the corner!

Annmarie Dunican


Warwick Figure Skaters proudly presents the 2017 Ocean State Open competition being held Saturday, July 29, 2017 and Sunday, July 30, 2017. This is a nonqualifying competition and open to all skaters who meet the eligibility requirements as listed in the announcement.

Events include Test Track and Well Balanced Free Skate, Short Program, Compulsory Moves, Moves in the Field, Showcase Light Entertainment.

Entry Deadline is June 29, 2017

All entries via EntryEeze: CLICK HERE to be redirected to EntryEeze.

The Announcement is available via EntryEeze

All information for the Ocean State Open will be available on Warwick Figure Skater's website. Please be sure to check frequently for updated information by CLICKING HERE.